Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hi all this is a wedding ring cushion that I made for my friend that got married in June this year. It is made all by myself. It is made up of cross stitch, some ribbons and lace.I really like to use lace because it if a speciality of us Maltese.

Jewel Box

At first you look at this you may say what the heck is that. That is a Jewel box made up with a rounded wood box that I bought then I decorated it with some lace and ribbons and some decorative flowers.I made these Jewel boxes for my relatives in America because this year I went with my family a trip to the States of America. I also made some Jewellry to put in them but I don't have pictures of them. I really like to have comments on my work THANKS.


Hi all How are you?
In this blog you can find some of my crafts that I do around the year.I do a lot of things like crossstitch, Knitting,Crochet and many more. I also am doing some beaded dolls later on you can find pictures of it in this blog. Thats all for now I hope you will enjoy this blog. Rita Fava